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Hurricane EPDM is Guaranteed for a period of 20 years but is designed to last well in excess of 50 years!

It Has been used widely in the United States where temperatures reach -50 degrees in Alaska with no detriment to the membrane.
It has also been in the sun on a constant basis throughout the Middle East where the heat can rise to 50 celcius.

You won't find any felt roofer saying that about their product.

We have first hand knowledge of the problems with other roofing products such as Glass fibre resin bonded roofs. As this product is reinforced it does not have any means of flexing with the roof structure causing cracking, especially on an area with a right angle.

The very nature of a built up felt roof including the high performance polyester felts is that they are laid in 1 metre widths laid down with hot tar!

This method is now dated and dangerous on site with many health and safety issues.

Firestone membranes are mostly applied with a cold applied adhesive which is either water based or sometimes solvent based.
We do not need any naked flames on the roof to apply the membrane.
 We can fit in even marginal weather conditions where other methods rely on a perfect day to fit.